Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Celenza Family Law, we understand the importance of family. We care about the people we represent, and we bring the highest level of personal attention to every case we handle.

We believe that smaller is better. Being a smaller firm gives us the advantage of getting to know each of our clients as individuals, and it allows us to bring all of our attention and expertise to bear on the issues our clients grapple with on a case-by-case basis.

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If a case can be resolved by agreement or mediation, it should be. Maintaining calm and order in the family is always a priority, especially where children are involved. However, if for any reason a case cannot be settled out of court, we have the experience, focus and willingness to go to trial. We have extensive courtroom experience in every county in New Hampshire.

We believe in the importance of maintaining close communication with clients by being readily available in person, by telephone, by fax and by email. When you call us and we tell you we will call you back by a certain time, we will. If we can’t for some reason, we let you know in advance. Our word is our bond.

We know the Family Law Court system in New Hampshire. We stay current in the latest developments in all our areas of practice, and we are flexible in our billing practices for legal services.

What We Believe Determines What We Do

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