Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents’ Rights

The special bond between children and grandparents is sacred. Family structure just isn’t what it used to be. Modern families include those where both parents work outside the home, those in a state of divorce or separation, unwed families, same-sex families and more. This progression in family dynamics means that parents must rely upon others to help care for their children. Very often, grandparents are best suited for this task.

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Grandparents have a say in what happens after a divorce.

When couples divorce or separate in New Hampshire, grandparents have the right to petition the family court for time with their grandchildren. The court welcomes any stability available for a child while a family is in the midst of a legal proceeding. Very often, this stability comes from a grandparent with whom the child has a close bond.

While the court realizes the importance of this bond, it is also aware that the time spent with a grandparent cannot diminish the time a child spends with his or her parents.

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The welfare of the children always comes first in Concord, NH.

For this reason, the court will consider a number of factors before ordering grandparents’ rights. These include looking at whether visitation will be in the child’s best interest; whether there is a bond between grandparent and grandchild; whether the time spent with grandparents would negatively impact other aspects of a child’s life; whether it would cause conflict or stress with either parent, and other factors the court sees fit to consider.

The bottom line is that active, healthy, involved, and loving grandparents can be an important part of a young child’s life—especially when the family is in legal limbo during a divorce or separation. Grandparents’ rights are alive and well in New Hampshire and may be worth exploring. Contact our family lawyer today for more information.

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